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Friday, September 7, 2012

PappaRich Malaysian Delights!!

Friday 31st of August, we were here at about 6pm. There's already a long queue and it's now 6.20, we haven't got a table.

See how long the queue is? They don't take a booking and that strategy kinda works here. The queue make people wonder how good the food will be?!!!

Finally we got the table for 6 people at 6.45! So let’s have a look at the restaurant inside. It’s really packed! The table is so close to each other. I guess they just want to seat as much people as they can!

There’s a pen and paper for you to write down your order. Then you can ring the bell on the table for the waitress to come and collect the order. I quite like this system, at least we are know for sure if we have ordered it correctly! Smile

Not for long the food is served. I have to say it’s quite quick. Let’s have a look at the food we ordered today ^^

I had the noodle in sweet soy sauce with chicken on the side. I like how they cook the noodle nice and soft. They use the breast part of chicken which is not my favorite. However, it’s really soft and tender. I prefer more seasoning on it though.

Overall, it’s an ok food, generous size and not too expensive. The let down thing is the long wait. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go there for dinner if you are really hungry. Lunch will be a better idea though Smile

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