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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ajisen Ramen @Melbourne Central

Inspired by our Review our Japan Trip in Feb-2012, we are now craving for a nice and tasty ramen!!

There're 4 Ajisen Ramens in Melbourne but we always go to the one in Melbourne Central, located near Max Brenner as it's the closest from our place. You guys can also check out Ajisen Ramen Website for more info   or visit Ajisen Ramen on Urbanspoon for more review!!

Let's have a look at what we have tried so far!! ^^
Tori Karaage Ramen (Fried Chicken)
Volcano Ramen - Spicy ramen with Chasyu (Pork slice)
Chargrilled Beef Ramen

Tonkatsu Ramen (Deep fried Pork)
Nikki’s Favorite:
Paiku Ramen (Tasty Tenderloin Ribs) It is really melted in the mouth!! The only let down thing about this ramen is that they don't have it everyday! However it says on the menu that it's the 1st recommended dish! = =" Kinda annoy me a little bit at first but now I'm used to it LOL So what I normally do is to ask the staff first thing when they give us the menu if they have Paiku Ramen today? If not then I will look for other ramen to replace! = =

One more photo to show the beautiful ribs!!

Bento Set
Nub’s favorite : Sashimi Bento
This is what Nub normally order the most so I guess it is his favorite! I think he likes it cause there's lots of element in one dish to eat and sashimi is definitely not fat! Maybe that's what he likes about it! hehehe
Grilled Salmon Bento
Side Dishes/Entree
Gyoza : I would say it's not bad at all for the Gyoza here. Crispy out side and quite tasty inside. If you order a ramen, you can add a normal entree (not the seafood one) with Green tea or Roasted Green tea for another $3-4 More! Really worth it! :)

Takoyaki : Nothing so special about this one apart from the look! I won't say it's not nice but I had better takoyaki in Japan or even in Bangkok. So I would say it's ok for a change if I get bored of Gyoza! LOL

 Overall we both quite happy about this place. The decoration of the restaurant is quite nice and clean. They also have the membership card for you to sign up for free and every $10 you spend, you get the $1 credit back to the card that u can redeem next time. ^^


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