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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Breakfast @Joe’s Garage

Situated in stylish Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. We have been here once but never thought of ordering pankcake. However this time when we saw the table next to us ordered the pancake and it looks so delicious! We couldn't resist and decided to try it out! :)
Let's have a look at how the restaurant looks like first.
From the street ;
2012-08-12 11.20.07
There're also outside tables
2012-08-12 11.21.08
Now inside at the bar
2012-08-12 11.18.38
At our table ^^
2012-08-12 11.28.24
This is what we ordered,
Joe's Garage Big Breakfast!!
2012-08-12 11.26.18
I have to say, it is really BIG!! There's lots of element on the plate as you can see in the photo! It's a combination of egg benedict and normal big breakfast. I need to put a bit of salt on the eggs cause the horseradish is not that tasty to me. Other than that, very yummy! ^^
Next is the Banana & Honey Pancake.
2012-08-12 11.24.40
Nice and thick pancake is served with vanilla ice cream decorated with strawberry.
2012-08-12 11.25.22
The pancake is roughly 1 inch thick, little crispy outside, nice and fluffy on the inside. It says in the menu that the pancake takes 20 minutes to cook. I think we only waited for 10-15 mins though.
2012-08-12 11.23.37
Overall we quite happy with the food and service. Will definitely come back next time when we feel like a pancake!! ^^

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